I love being on the West Coast. Made this video with clips from Malibu the other night with Lindsey (@lindseyspink).

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Favorite part about living in New York City is that there are so many different things that you can do. You are not limited to just the cement streets that fill most of the city. Thankfully we have a huge park in the middle of the city that breaks up the buildings and provides some illusion of nature.
Sara and I spent the day drinking wine and enjoying the amazing (but humid) weather that we are loving after the horrible winter we just had.

DSCF3589DSCF3617 DSCF3625 DSCF3627

Shorts by Oak, T by American Apparel, and Nike sneakers.

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Just got back from a week in Los Angeles and learned a lot. I feel that every time I get out and go on an adventure I find myself growing a little more. I realize now that the most important thing (that you can control) is who you surround yourself with. No matter how much you feel like you won’t be affected by the people you are around, you can not help but be influenced by someone that you spend the majority of your time with. This is not a bad thing. You can use this to your advantage. Find amazing people and you will be influenced by their positivity and awesomeness.

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Parker Tatro on NYC rooftop

Really weird time in my life right now. Becoming financially independent (against my own request) is proving to be much more difficult than one had previously predicted. Money disappears from my bank account faster than a speeding bullet, and without a steady income yet I am forced to live off of air and tap water. Although, I finally found a job and started last week. So all of that is about to slowly change. I have so many things that  I want to buy, so it is going to be hard to save, but I have no other choice because my bills have to come before my desires to redecorate my apartment and overhaul my wardrobe. So now my life is all work and all play. Because don’t get me wrong, I still go out a handful of nights a week, but I have either work or school every day of the week. To top it all off I turn 21 (finally) in less than a month. That is exciting and terryfing at the same time. That feels so old to me. When I was younger I thought about being 21 and viewed it as a such a far off monument in a galaxy far far away, but now it is here. I also never imagined living on my own, in New York City nonetheless, but it is amazing and I can’t reflect on my life for more than 10 seconds without being overcome with happiness at the memories and experiences that I have already had. My life is insane and the weirdest things happen to me and I haven’t even reached 21 yet. So overwhelmed with the thought that the next ten years are so unknown, but equally excited to see what in the world could possibly happen next.

Parker Tatro on NYC rooftop 2

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I made a video with my little sister while I was home for Christmas break. I’m from Kansas, but I’ve lived in NYC for a few years now. I asked my followers on tumblr and twitter to submit misconceptions or questions about people who live in the Midwest. I’m super awkward in the video because I’m not used to being recorded, but whatever….it was fun making.

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Just got back from the most amazing trip to Europe.

Spent the first week in London, and then spent a weekend in Paris.

Met so many amazing people and saw so many cool places.

I can’t wait to go back. I would love to live in London some day. It was spectacular.

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Fashion Week in NYC has begun and already the shows, parties, and streets are flooded with the balm of style. I love this time of year because the city has a different mood or vibe about it. Everything in the city seems to be affected in some way.

IMG_4040 Richard Chai


IMG_4134 Sally Lapointe

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It’s that time of the year day when I’m really in the mood to buy new shoes, but can never decide what I actually want. Shoes are really one of my favorite parts of an outfit, and I really do not have that many pairs. I think it might be time to get a new pair that I can wear all the time for fall and winter. I actually really want all three of these shoes below, but don’t have the funds. Check out more on Solestruck.com (or any site you know of) and send me links on Twitter to the coolest pairs you find! Thanks!! pt

Adidas-Originals-X-Opening-Ceremony-shoes-BMX-Cycling-Sneaker-(Run-White)-010604 The-Damned-shoes-Colt-Man-(Black-Neoprene-Black)-010604 Gourmet-shoes-The-35-Lite-LX-(White-Snake-White)-010606

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